As part of the Entrepreneurial Marketing Classes at Temple’s Fox School of Business, students have been assigned a project designated The 10-10-10 ProjectTM .


The project requires the students to actively work with charities and community organizations during the course to assist them to raise money, build awareness, improve social media, create marketing plans or actually volunteer with the organization.


The project must be focused on “doing good” — raising money for a charity, organizing volunteers for a clean-up, working to improve schools, etc. The specifics of the project are only limited by the students’ imagination.

The students must incorporate the use of social media to promote and expand the reach of the project. They must track and monitor the growth in numbers of fans, subscribers or donors through each channel they are using to market the project.

Students must track all expenses, donations, and sponsorship money’s received on a weekly basis, and submit receipts with their final project report from the organizations they are supporting.

And most important, the students must aim for creating a sustainable entity that can continue to benefit their chosen charity or cause beyond the end of the semester. They must create a viable business model.

Results to Date


A total of over $320,000
in cash, in kind goods, matching funds, and volunteer hours

Dr. Jean Wilcox

Professor, Marketing


Dr. Jean Wilcox is also a professor of International and Entrepreneurial Marketing at Temple University Fox School of Business. She brings over 35 years of professional experience in marketing and international business to her classroom.


Dr. Wilcox has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and began her career as a technical specialist for Xerox Corporation. She quickly moved in to into Marketing, Strategy and Business Analysis after participating in an executive management program at Simmons college. She has extensive international experience, particularly in Japan, and has taught seminars on developing effective cross cultural working relationships

Dr. Jean Wilcox is a rare mix of scientist, artist and musician. Clients value her unique combination of technical, marketing, communication, and design skills, her practical approach to problems, and her ability to "get things done. Jean's diverse experience allows her to transcend industry lines to help her clients achieve  a unified business strategy that improves their bottom line.