Saved me

Meet the Team

Siyu Lei

Jake Stengel

Haijian Zhang

Natalie Christman

Temple Students join efforts with ‘SavedMe’ to find unwanted and abandoned dogs
the PAW-fect home.

Our group is working with SavedMe to provide unwanted or abandoned dogs a loving home and better life. Unfortunately, some owners neglect to provide their animals with the required amount of time and support their pets deserve. These pets are often maltreated, hungry, and unloved. As a result, they are often abandoned or placed in shelters, where they are eventually put to sleep. At SavedMe, they make an extra effort to help revive and care for animals that others would deem are “not worth the effort”. They provide dogs with a second chance at a better life in which they are happy and loved.  Our goal is to raise money as well as awareness for SavedMe’s cause. In order for SavedMe to continue making a difference in animals lives, they will need your help. Any donation made on our website, either monetary or volunteer hours, could change the life of an animal in need today.

Jake Stengel:

21, from Allentown, PA. I am a junior Marketing major at Fox School of Business. I have always had a passion for animals. I own one dog, named Delilah. I had interest in working with STAR because I strongly believe that no pet should be neglected and uncared for.  They should be treated with the same amount of love and care. I'm excited to have the opportunity that makes the extra effort to make sure these animals live better lives.

Haijian Zhang:

24, from China. For animals, i think that all of them are very attractive, and they make me to pay more attention on how to stay with them. Nuomi, who is Teddy dog, and he is a very smart and loyal friend with me. Actually, I did not have much patience before I decided to own a dog. But I became more patience and passion when he was growing up. In my opinion, taking care of a dog  just like taking care of a baby, we have to teach them everything when they are little. Therefore, I believe that I have a very strong confidence to help the animals.

Siyu Lei:

20, from China, Beijing. I really like animals and sometimes i really want ro have one. Due to I am study abroad right now, sometimes i think i can’t take the responsibility for a cute life. So I really want to work with STAR, it gives me a chance to stay with animals. I am really looking forward to work with them during this semester.

Natalie Christman:

21, from West Chester, PA. I am a senior Global Studies major and am very passionate about animals. I have two rescue cats as well and love them like my own children. I wish I could raise a dog as well as there are so many that need our help. However, since I can’t adopt one, I am so excited to volunteer my time with Saved Me to help dogs find perfect homes, even if it can’t be mine.