Bethesda Project

Our group chose the Bethesda Project which supports kids under the age of 21 from the homeless crisis around the world through a combination of support strategies, including educational programs, job training and placement, medical services, mental health and substance abuse counseling, legal aid and beyond.


It is our plan to help the Bethesda Project in whatever way is most beneficial to them.  We plan to volunteer at the Philadelphia location, collect goods that they might need and also try to raise as much money as possible so they could use it in whatever way they feel would be most helpful.

Brittany Alling:

I am a current Junior business marketing major at the Temple University Fox School of Business. I have chose to work with homelessness because I believe it is a crisis that needs to be touched on more. Living in Philadelphia you see people on the streets everyday and it is heartbreaking to see. I have previously worked with a homeless shelter, Broad Street Ministry, which sparked my interest to get more involved.


Sarah Heater:

I am currently a senior marketing major, studying at Temple University Fox School of Business. I wanted to get involved with the homeless crisis that is effecting Philadelphia because it is a reoccurring issue that needs to be acknowledged. Specifically, working with homeless youth is something we wanted to get involved with because being so close in age to us and our collegiate peers is a heartbreaking movement that needs assisting. I have worked with homeless children outside of the United States and working with the Covenant House will be a great opportunity to get involved within my own country.


Jessica Tarapchak:

I am a current senior marketing major in the Fox School of Business with an expected graduation date of August 2018.  I chose to work with homelessness because it is so prominent in the Philadelphia area and so many people are affected by it. Being fortunate enough to never have to face a challenge like that, I would like to do whatever I can to help people overcome this tough time in their life.

Brooke Blasiak:

I am currently a junior marketing major in the Fox School of Business. I am involved in both the American Marketing Association and Fashion and Business club. I chose to work with the homeless because it is a big problem not only in Philadelphia, but across the world. This situation could use as much help as possible and I think it’s important to bring as much awareness to it as we can, specifically for our community of Philadelphia.

Meet the Team

Brooke Blasiak

Britt Alling

Jess Tarapchak

Sarah Heater