Multi-color Pearls 

"To provide safe housing for homeless and or displaced college students."

Multi Color Pearls is a non profit organization that will provide safe housing for homeless and displaced college students. Our organization is a new innovative project that will assist college students in their quest for seeking housing while they complete their college education. College students face real economic challenges and many of them come from all walks of life. Our roadmap will allow us to help students who are struggling on a daily basis and cannot help themselves give them the support, encouragement, and the resources to sustain themselves while completing their college education.  Our passion to ease this burden, to provide services that will relieve their tensions and put a smile on their faces.  Multi-Colored Pearls is the avenue which will allow me to help these young people who are struggling on a daily basis and cannot help themselves.     


Homelessness is a hidden problem, it is a term that is stereotypical, however most students do not understand that they are living a life considered homeless, and often they hide and do not reveal their misfortune.  Some do not have enough food to eat and because of the lack of sleep, their grades suffer.  Even in this difficult time, some manage to finish college, but we can only imagine the struggles and the hurdles that they have met along the way.


College students face real economic challenges. Many of them come from concentrated and diffused poverty stricken backgrounds right here in the Philadelphia area. One in ten students do not know where they are going to sleep at night. Often these students rise early in the morning and transport to colleges across the country without having slept in a comfortable bed, sofa, or air mattress.  Some students live in shelters, sleep on the streets, some at rest stops and others with friends, but what is true about all of them, is that they lack a place to call home.

Meet the Team

Anna Candelaria

Stacy Scott

Jewel Henderson

Ryan Carty

Adam Abdul Halim

Vincent Carambo