Cause for Philadelphia’s PAWS

Temple Students taking on PAWS to help animals in need find good homes.

Temple University students are collaborating with the

non-profit organization, PAWS, in hopes to raise money for homeless and at-risk animals in Philadelphia. Over the span of ten weeks, six Entrepreneurial Marketing students will closely work together to raise money for PAWS and help bring awareness to the issue of pets in need throughout
Philadelphia. We hope that by showing the extreme conditions pets are facing, people will be willing to donate to PAWS.

Mason Ortmyer

Senior marketing major at Temple University with a special interest in sport operational management. I am from York, Pennsylvania and own two ten year old cats named Tommy and Tess. I want to work with PAWS because I believe every animal deserves to be loved.

Julia Hendler

Senior Marketing and Risk Management & Insurance dual major at Temple University. I am from Bucks County Pennsylvania, specifically Doylestown. I have grown up with a love for animals and cared for many of my own. Working with PAWS allows me to share my love for animals and ensure they are loved and cared for as well.

Alexander Fedyna 

Senior Marketing major at Temple University and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have always had pets growing up and currently have two cats that I have adopted from PAWS and a puppy I adopted from Wet Nose Rescue. I have always had a passion for working with animals and I am excited to work with an organization like PAWS because I believe in their cause.

Ashley McCallion 

Senior Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management major at Temple University. I’m originally from Media, Pennsylvania, but I now reside in Ocean City, New Jersey. I have always had a love for animals, ever since I was born I’ve been around dogs. During my freshman year of college, I realized the need I had for a therapy dog. In March of 2015, I got my mini bulldog, Duke. It turned out that Duke was an inbred dog and has a lot of anxiety related issues; I was more therapy to him than he was to me, and I love every second of it! Although it requires a lot of patience, helping Duke is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. It means a lot to me to help dogs and all animals that are in need no matter what the condition is. I am more than happy to be a part of a group that is fundraising for PAWS.


Michael McCarthy

Senior Marketing student with a minor in Management Information Systems. I am from West Chester, Pennsylvania and have a passion for all animals but more specifically dogs and cats. I am excited to work with PAWS because living in Philadelphia, I have seen a very large population of homeless animals and I would like to ensure that each one of them finds a forever home.

Meet the Team

Mason Ortmyer

Julia Hendler

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