“Level the playing field so that no child is left behind!”

To get to where we are today, we have all benefited from early education. Receiving support and encouragement for school from a young age can change the outlook of a child’s life. If we had not had the early education we did receive, chances are we would be nowhere near where we are now.  We believe everyone should be given the same opportunities early on in their lives. Jumpstart is an organisation that does exactly what we believe in: it aims at not leaving any children behind. We fully support that goal and will be doing our best to contribute to it with this project. By volunteering our own hours and collections donations, we hope to give Jumpstart the opportunity to not only shape these children’s lives but also change the way the system treats them.

Team Bios:

Mason Marsico:

I am a Senior Marketing Major and I chose Jumpstart because I have experienced first hand how much education can help shape the life of children

Jerome Davies:

I am also a Senior Marketing major. I decided to help Jumpstart because I believe proper support in education can change a child life from A to Z.


Angela Llamanzares:

I am a Senior marketing major and I support Jumpstart because every child deserves the most out of their education.


Ayat Alamri:

I am a senior International business major. I chose Jumpstart because education is the most beneficial thing to children.


Sunetra Choudhury:

I am a senior Marketing major and I chose Jumpstart because it is important to me that all children receive equal opportunities and resources for a better and higher education.

Meet the Team

Hassen Edgae

YoungJin Jung

Tyler Kessler

Akshat Patel