Sierra Club

Improve the World's Carbon Footprint in Order to Create Sustainable
environment for the Years to Come

Our team plans to partner with the Sierra Club, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the environment and spreading knowledge of the environmental situation. With our passion for the environment, our team plans to do a multitude of actions to take part in supporting the Sierra Club. Our first step, is to initiate a day of no waste, where we ask others to participate in a day of consciously reducing their daily waste or eliminating waste all together. The next plan of action is to partner with Blaze pizza on campus and hold a fundraiser to raise money to donate to the Sierra club. Along with these strategies, we plan to volunteer in city cleanups and other events to promote awareness. 

Team Bios-

My name is Quentin Holtz and I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am double majoring in international business with a focus in sales and marketing. I love to explore nature especially through hiking, skiing, and swimming in the ocean. To me nature is a gift and we need to protect it. I believe that pollution is a major global problem, and everyone needs to contribute by trying to lower their carbon footprint. I want to play my part by doing whatever I can to help save the environment for generations to come.


My name is Emilee Williams and I am from Ambler Pennsylvania. I am a Communication Studies major with a General Business minor. I have always had an interest in the environment and have taken classes in both high school and college to further my knowledge on the environmental issues that are taking place and how we can solve them. By taking part in this project that will focus on the environment, I feel like I will be doing my part to make a difference to help the environment.


Matthew Nace. SGM, last semester at Temple. I believe that mother nature has never been entitled to listen to humans, and the best conversationalists speak softly and carry a big stick.  Let’s start a productive conversation.

Meet the Team

Quentin Holtz

Emilee Williams

Matthew Nace