Stop Human Trafficking

April 9, 2016

Much of the population holds the misconception that human trafficking is an injustice
that only occurs in foreign or poverty-stricken countries abroad. Unfortunately, this assumption is dangerously false. Human trafficking-related injustice is not only prevalent in modern America, but rampant in the Pennsylvania, especially in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions. For example, within the last couple years a sex-trafficking ring was discovered in Lancaster that had accrued over a million dollars in profit by forcing minors into prostitution.

 Thankfully, the criminals perpetuating these trafficking activities were discovered and shut down by authorities by the end of 2014. The regrettable fact is though, even if the police are able to put away traffickers, the victims of these crimes often have nowhere to turn after they have been rescued from prostitution. This often leads to them returning to the streets to be preyed upon by other pimps that are still active in the trafficking game.

 Luckily in this instance, the Oasis of Hope safe house was established to give victims in Lancaster a place to turn to and put their lives back together. Restoration programs such as these that are perpetuated by nonprofit organizations such as the Oasis of Hope safe house are pivotal in ensuring that victims of prostitution are able to move on from their abuse and have a promising future that doesn’t involve selling their bodies for money. Furthermore, the best part about the Oasis of Hope safe house is that its location is a well-guarded secret. This impedes ex-abusers’ ability to track down and harm their victims after they are rescued.

 The prevalence of crimes such as these are the reason why my group members and I chose to work in partnership with the Project to End Human Trafficking for our 10-10-10 project this semester. Just because human-trafficking isn’t broadcasted locally, doesn’t mean it’s not occurring under the surface. Our goal is to not only spread awareness for the purpose of prevention and rescue, but to also support organizations that offer aide to victims after the fact so that human trafficking can cease to exist not only in our country, but in our state. Because these programs require funding, we have created a donation page for PEHT using GoFundMe. I have provided the link to our site below.


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