SOS Villages

Providing children with same fundamental rights that we are all entitled to

We help children whose fundamental rights are not provided by fundraising for SOS Children's Villages charity and increasing awareness. SOS Children's Villages provides orphaned and abandoned children with a family and a warm home with a mother to care for and support them in a safe environment where their basic needs are met: food, health, and education. In order to help SOS Children’s Villages, we will host fundraisers and a workshop to raise awareness. Moreover, we will use social media to disseminate how SOS Children’s Villages helped children.

Bio info about team members:

Amina B. Diab:

I am a senior international business major with a concentration in marketing. I’m from Morocco. I speak four languages Arabic, French, English and Spanish. I decided to raise money for SOS Children's Villages because my childhood took place within an intact family structure. This is exactly what SOS Children's Villages offers as part of its family strengthening programs or in its children's villages. These children can have a happy childhood, with a true family spirit and an elaborate family structure. This allows them to envision a happy future and get started in life.

Zheng Duan:

I am a senior student in Temple University. My major is International Business with a concentration in marketing. I worked as an intern for a non-profit organization in Shanghai this summer. This semester, I am going to raise awareness and funds for SOS Children’s Villages. I decided to work with this charity because it provides the basic living conditions for childrens. I believe children are the future of humanity. Therefore, we should protect their basic rights.


Chit Yiu:

I am a senior student in Fox School of Business, Temple University. My major is International Business with concentration of Marketing. I am an international student from Indonesia. I can speak up to four languages such as Mandarin, Indonesian language, Cantonese and English. In this semester, I want to raise awareness and funds for SOS Children’s villages because I want every child in this world live without suffer from hunger.


Ramin Rahimi-Fard:

As a child of an upper-middle class family in Iran, I was always provided with my fundamental needs and rights. But, seeing a same year old child cleaning our cars’ window for a small amount of money, at midnight, was heartbreaking. Today, I study Business Entrepreneurship at Temple University. Helping this charity is a way for me to provide the same fundamental needs and good feelings that I had for the children in need.


Ali Jamal:

I am a Junior Management Information Systems at Temple University. My parents come from Pakistan, a third world country in South Asia. Their struggles and upbringing has made me aware of human rights issues ever since I was a child. Through their guidance, I have learned the true value of human life and I strive to make sure every person is able to achieve the same fundamental rights that we are all entitled to.

Meet the Team

Amina B. Diab

Zheng Duan

Chit Yiu

Ramin Rahimi-Fard

Ali Jamal