"Paws out for Morris Refuge"

Morris Animal Refuge helps animals that are in need of a home by providing adoptions, shelter, spaying and neutering, fostering, and more. They were the first organization dedicated to sheltering pets. Help us reach our goal of at least $1000 and at least 60 volunteer hours and don't forget to follow Morris on their social media channels!



21, from South Jersey/ Delaware County. I am a multi-pet owner and have always had dogs or cats. I have volunteered at animal shelters before, and even rescued my cat off of the streets of Philadelphia. This project appealed to me, because I would love to give back to stray animals since my stray cat changed my life.


21, from McMinnville, Oregon. I have always had a love for animals, and have owned pets my whole life. Currently, I have two pets back home in Oregon. I am excited to be working with STAR because since I only go home twice a year, I do not get to see my pets often. I am looking forward to helping an organization that does so many good things for animals in need.


22, born in Albania , raised in Philadelphia. An advertising and international business student at Temple University, I love spending my free time cuddling animals! I'm excited to use this semester working on a project that will help animal in need. I appreciate  when school work teaches us how to help our community for better!


21, from Pittsburgh. I am a senior marketing major at Temple University.  I have always had a passion for animals, especially dogs, and had a pet my whole life.  I enjoy spending time with animals and helping out in any way I can. I am excited and look forward to working with the Street Tails Animal Rescue organization!

We are a team of animal lovers looking forward to volunteering with Street Tails Animal Rescue.

Our team is working to improve the lives of animals who very well could improve the life of a human. Unfortunately, many pets are neglected or given up for adoption by those they love most. With few options before being put to sleep, many unwanted pets never get the opportunity to make someone happy. STAR (Street Tails Animal Rescue) works to shelter unwanted pets in Philadelphia until they are matched with the right people. In order to complete this mission day in and day out, STAR is in need of monetary, in-kind, and volunteer hour donations. Our team, full of animal lovers, is extremely excited at the opportunity to help animals in need.

We are a team of animal lovers looking forward to volunteering with Street Tails Animal Rescue.
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