Trade for a difference

Building communities, building yourself, and learning from others to save lives and create a positive impact to the city.

Our group chose the Trades For A Difference which wants to increase skilled trades professionals in the construction industry through a range of support strategies, including providing the necessary education to young men and women and training partnerships where they work with firms to establish training programs for student. Our mission is to aid Trades For A Difference to break the cycle of poverty within our communities and increase minority representation and minority inclusion within the upper echelon of the skilled construction industry.

Anthony Seaneouthay

Anthony was born and raised in Philadelphia growing up in the Logan/Olney section of the city up north. His major is Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management.  He is Cambodian/Laotian-American and is currently 22 years old. As of right now he is working towards his dream career of being a content creator and building cars for his upcoming YouTube channel. He loves to go out and eat, going to parties, and enjoys spending time with his friends and families on his days off.

Yiran Wei

I am an exchange student from Fujian, China. I am currently a junior marketing major. I want to get involved with the program because I believe the minority inclusion problem is an important issue that needs to be acknowledged globally. I can only exchange one semester at Temple University, so I think the 10-10-10 Project is a good chance for me to experience the American culture and local people’s life.


Yi Li

Yi is an International Business major, with marketing concentration, and is a senior right now. She plans to go to Hong Kong for her graduate study next year, and fashion marketing would be the first professional choice for her. She loves swimming and skiing so much. Switzerland is her favorite country, since there is the best ski resort with beautiful scenery.


Dane Robert Copeland

Dane is a junior in the Fox School of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  Dane is an excited student and a dedicated athlete, focused on cycling and rock climbing. He loves the idea of working with young people and directing them towards a successful career path.  He is thrilled to get the opportunity to be a part of Trades for A Difference.



Michael P Dougherty

Michael is junior Marketing and Risk Management major from Norristown, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. When he’s not doing school work he is usually at a music festival, concert or spending time with friends. Currently, he is working towards combining Risk Management and Marketing into a career in the entertainment industry, specifically music business.

Meet the Team

Mason Marsico

Jerome Davies

Angela Llamazares

Sunetra Choudhury